Welcome to my blog, Here I do all things bookish… I so much love books, and the sole aim for the creation of this blog is to make a change in someone’s life, to inspire someone … No matter how small… through books that are edifying, that connotes the word of God.  And also help to ignite the fruit of the spirit in us.

Here, we do all things bookish… Inspired by books


Review and bookish policy:

   As a bookish person, I will entertain bookish conversations, opinions, requests… But somethings have to be striked out. I don’t accept, memoirs, classical book, erotic, non message-passing, non inspiring genres… Any other genres will be gladly accepted. No matter how good your book or books can be, I will not give higher than four star reviews and less than two stars, and because of my devotion, love and enthusiasm for bookish people, I’ll try my best not to post negative reviews. 

And I would also post some reviews on customer sites like Amazon, Goodreads, etc. 

And I would read and review books within 3 weeks to 1 months, 2 weeks only on special orders. 

All formats will be accepted, ranging from print books, Pdf, drm books… All except word docs. 

Send all your bookish thoughts to me on abimbola2ola3@gmail.com, with the subject BOOKISH – – – – (whether thoughts, opinions, requests and so on).